The USS-SimGrid project aims at Ultra Scalable Simulations with SimGrid. This tool is leader in the simulation of HPC settings, and the main goal of this project is to allow its use in the simulation of desktop grids and peer-to-peer settings.


The planned work spans in several axis, splited in work packages:

  • Improving the models used in SimGrid: increasing their scalability (WP1) and easing their instanciation (WP2) ;
  • Providing associated tools for experimenters, such as result analysis assistants (WP3) and test campaign managers (WP4) ;
  • Increasing the simulator scalability by parallelization (WP5) and optimization.

We aim at producing a scientific instrument directly usable by a large community. We work in close loop with end-users to ensure that the tool is well adapted to their need (WP6).


USS-SimGrid is funded for three years (2009-2011) by the The French National Research Agency (ANR) under contract no. ANR-08-SEGI-022.

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